Nike Corporate Communications

As the lead developer and key contributor, I managed many aspects of the communications department.

Streamlined the digital publication process for our daily news stories by customizing a CMS, allowing the team to create magazine-style designs without need for development knowledge

Produced live radio programs streamed throughout the global campuses

Devised and implemented a solution for archiving seven years of editorial content and video, delegated the importation tasks amongst team members, and created a taxonomy for the archive to be easily searchable

Facilitated strategy of digital communication through constant exploration and pitching new ideas and technologies to management

Built a slide show generator web application to embed rotating imagery into editorial stories, using a YouTube-style copy/paste format; allows custom settings such as auto-rotation, speed, navigation visibility

Created various Javascript modules to easily create robust interactions, such as fly-outs, customizable video players, and carousels

Rapidly developed and designed web apps for Internal Comms projects utilizing PHP frameworks

The result: an efficient and long-lasting platform and process for creating and delivering content to global Nike employees.

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